The Art Sheds are looking for a new home

Curatorial, Susan Forsyth, Visitor Interaction

****PLEASE NOTE:  We are no longer accepting entries for the Art Sheds giveaway.  The artist and our Curator will make a decision soon.  We had an overwhelming response and it may take a little while to make an announcement.  We thank you for your patience****

Have you visited and enjoyed our Art Sheds exhibition?

The three Art Sheds.

The three sheds, shortly after completion.

Do you know of somewhere that would love to make use of the Art Sheds?

Susan Forsyth and Victoria Gallery & Museum are looking to re-home these much-loved key components of this Liverpool Biennial 2014 exhibition for use in Liverpool.

The Art Sheds are FREE to a good home.  We would like the sheds to stay together, but will consider splitting them up if only one can be accommodated.  If you wish to use them outside, they will need weatherproofing with varnish, which we would advise on.

We are sorry, but the sheds are not being offered for domestic use.

If you have a brilliant suggestion for relocating the Art Sheds, please do get in touch via  Please register interest by 22.10.2014.


5 thoughts on “The Art Sheds are looking for a new home

  1. Hi,
    I am a primary school teacher and I would love the sheds to take pride of place in our school woodland area.
    I am currently running an art project to bring indoor learning outdoors and the sheds would no doubt help us to achieve this.

    Kind regards,


  2. Our church could use one as a quiet space in the garden so when we have art days there’s a quiet space to contemplate God our church is very noisy and busy


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