Spotlight on Gallery 7: Harold Chalton Bradshaw ‘Perspective view scheme for inspiring Riverfront of Liverpool’, c.1913

Art Sheds Collections, Art Sheds Teachers, Susan Forsyth

In Gallery 7, you can see a selection of artworks from the collections of the Victoria Gallery & Museum.  Susan Forsyth has hand-picked some of her favourite pieces, including pieces which she considers reflect the time and spirit of the Art Sheds and the professors and artists who taught there. Here, Susan looks at one of those artworks in depth.

“The architect Harold Bradshaw trained at the University just after the Art Shed period. Unlike contemporary technical drawings or CAD files this lyrical and beautiful watercolour from 1913 depicts Bradshaw’s ideas for the development of the Liverpool waterfront. It is one of the largest pieces in Gallery 7 and reminds me of one of Turner’s dreamy watercolours of Venice. I can’t help but wonder what the waterfront in Liverpool may have looked like if a hundred years ago Bradshaw’s ambitious and coherent plan had been adopted by the city.

Inspiring River Front, Liverpool - H. C. Bradshaw

“Bradshaw’s work hangs above a wonderful map of Liverpool.  I chose to include this initially because it’s a local piece and because the scale is pretty bonkers – it’s about 9 foot long and very narrow.  It could be over 150 years old, but the city is still enormous and the river is shown teeming with both steam-powered vessels and sailing boats. I think these pieces complement each other beautifully and I’m delighted to be able to include them both in the show.”

The Art Sheds exhibition runs at the Victoria Gallery & Museum until October 25th 2014.