Artist Susan Forsyth talks about the Still Life shed.

Susan Forsyth, Visitor Interaction

Susan Forsyth’s Art Sheds stand in Gallery 6 of the Victoria Gallery & Museum.  Each shed encourages a different artistic style, subject and purpose.  The sheds come complete with thick cartridge paper embossed with an Art Sheds symbol for visitors to enjoy.

The middle shed is the Still Life shed.  Here, Susan tells us about the contents of this shed, which contains a large vase filled with a beautiful display of silk flowers, accompanied by watercolour paints and paintbrushes.

The Still Life Shed

The Still Life Shed

“Flower-painting was important in Victorian oeuvre.  Due to the constraints of conservation we couldn’t use real plants or flowers in the gallery, any insects entering the Museum could damage the work in the rest of the Museum.  I’ve arranged a display of silk flowers using a riotous asymmetrical display of Victorian flowers: cabbage roses, hydrangeas, delphiniums, penstemons, orchids and ferns. The period embossed urn is made of paper and clay as a stone one would be too heavy for the plinth.

“This colourful still-life shed was most suitable for the watercolour pans – a medium familiar to the original students of the Sheds.  They are high quality and visitors can draw first or paint directly onto paper.  There is a good selection of colours and there is a mixing tray for artists to create their own colours.  There is no time limit and everyone is free to include as much, or as little, detail as they wish.”